As an individual, you’ll get the chance to connect with and inspire a young woman at a critical time that can truly make a difference in the rest of her life.

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As a leader in your company, getting your staff involved with the program helps ensure the skilled workforce your business will need for your future growth and success.

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Individually, you’ll have the opportunity to change the life of that young person. Collectively, we’ll change the world by tapping into the full potential of our females.

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Please see the following links and the calendar below for opportunities to get involved!

So, I want to find out more about this new MWM-IA initiative.

What’s it all about?

The State of Iowa is joining forces with the new national movement called Million Women Mentors (MWM). The national program’s goal is to provide one million mentors in STEM related fields to get more females into STEM.

Our goal here in Iowa is to get at least 5,000 volunteers – women and men – to serve as mentors in all 99 counties. These volunteers will mentor girls and young women to get excited about – and feel confident about – pursuing STEM education and careers.

MWM-IA’s Goals

  • Increase the percentage of high school girls planning to pursue STEM careers.
  • Increase the percentage of young women pursuing undergraduate degrees in STEM fields.
  • Increase the percentage of women staying in STEM careers.

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