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Once I get started, where can I go to get available resources that will help me as a mentor? – The Iowa Mentoring Partnership is the state’s support organization for Iowa’s 80+ certified youth mentoring programs. – Amazing research and tools from the National Center for Women and Informational Technology.

MWM-IA Executive Council Members

Governor Kim Reynolds, Honorary Chair, Executive Council
Mike Ralston, Co-Chair MWM-IA, President, Iowa Association of Business and Industry, Executive Council Member, Co-Chair and Co-Representative for Business and Industry
Jana Rieker, Co-Chair MWM-IA, Directory of PR & Communications, Trilix
Mayor Sara Kurovski, Tocqueville Society Directory, United Way of Central Iowa
Annette Bravard, VP of Sales and Marketing, Pella Corporation, Executive Council Member, Co-Representative for Business and Industry
Beth Nigut, EMC Corporation, Executive Council Member, Representative for Educational Opportunities
Sandy Hatfield-Clubb, Director of Athletics, and Shannon Cofield, Director of Community Engagement, Drake University, Executive Council Members, Co-Representatives for Coaches Challenge liaisons
Shannon Duval, President, Mercy Foundation, Executive Council member, Representative for the Medical Industry
Sheila Laing, Chief Customer Officer, Hy-Vee, Executive Council Member, Employee Volunteerism
Krista Ferguson, Director of IT, Principal Financial, STEMconnector Liaison
Karen Johnson, Director of Finance, Meredith Corporation, Finance and Technology
Terri Jensen, CIO, Holmes Murphy, MWM-IA Website Development
Amanda Styron West, Co-Founder & CEO, Seed Here Studio, Small Business Owner
Michelle DeClerk, President, Conference Event Management, Logistics Management Chair