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Become a Corporate Partner with MWM-IA!

As a leader in your company, getting your staff involved with the program helps ensure the skilled workforce your business will need for your future growth and success.

Addressing the gender imbalance in STEM increases the collective talent in the labor force and enhances the potential for the innovations of tomorrow.

Participation in a high-profile program like MWM demonstrates your leadership and gives your company exposure as a partner in creating Iowa’s sustainable workforce development strategies.

Why do we need to get and keep more females in STEM?
  • Shortages in a skilled workforce will be a major deterrent to economic growth and competitiveness for your company, our state and our country:
    • In the past decade, growth in STEM jobs has been three times greater than non-STEM jobs.
    • In the next decade, STEM-related jobs are projected to increase by 16.5%.
  • While women comprise 48% of the US workforce, only 24% are in STEM fields.
  • There is only one female STEM worker for every three males in STEM.
  • Women in STEM earn 33% more than comparable women in non-STEM jobs.
  • Out of 100 female bachelor students, 12 graduate in a STEM major but only 3 continue to work in STEM ten years after graduation.
How does the MWM-IA initiative bring us all together to solve this problem?
  • MWM-IA will match your company with a Regional STEM Hub, school or organization to connect you with STEM opportunities from which to choose.
  • There is no cost to participate. You will just be asked to invest just 20 hours mentoring a young woman on this topic.
  • The mentoring format can be in person, via Skype or any number of options that will help you connect in a meaningful way.

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